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Why Ohana?

Because Ohana is everything in life.


This is why we created a place with a space for everybody - big and small, old and young.


While Parents can enjoy our amazing signature dishes, a chilled glass of wine, ice cold draught beer or a tropical cocktail prepared by our friendly staff, accompanied by Ohana vibes, the kids can follow their natural play urges in our spacious playground.

Running, jumping, climbing, laughing shouting is no problem :)


We have playground personal that will assure a safe fun place, and when the night falls, our cozy children cinema will open its gates, allowing the parents to enjoy the heat of the night, knowing there kids safe and relaxing on comforting bean bags. 

Ohana, means family and that's what we aim to be. 



we make your special day


We help you to create your event like birthday, 

kids birthday, party or any other.

Just contact us.

We would love to help you creating your individual tailored occasion.


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